If you haven’t yet met Selina, you’re in for a big treat – and a big surprise! One big, warm, loving hug from the universe, all packed into one small, Welsh/African/Arabic woman.

Just about everyone who works with her, or is touched by her, ends up giving her a nickname: ‘Aunty’ ‘Manos a Magica’, ‘Universal Mum’,‘Teenangel’, Everyone she meets she touches.

There are some brilliant and moving stories and testimonials about Selina on the share the joy page and we’d love to hear your memories and stories too!

Can Alquería
Polígono 25, Can Murtera de Baix
07840 Santa Gertrudis
Isla Baleares

(34) 692 82 89 09
(34) 642 46 56 40

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr: 8:00-22:00
Sa: 8:00-24:00
So: 8:00-14:00